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Transform construction waste management

Cut costs on your construction projects, and support a sustainable future, by using the digital platform that puts a circular economy first.

The Construction Waste Portal is more than just your average SaaS platform (software-as-a-service). When you become a user, you're part of a collaborative movement committed to revolutionising the way we manage construction waste, and driving a circular economy. But don't just take our word for it- explore why the Construction Waste Portal is the ideal platform for your business.


1. Data-Driven Forecasting

Powerful, predictive analytics

By analysing more than 1700 actual construction projects, crowdsourced from the UK's leading contractors, we provide you with unparalleled insights that save you time and money. Our data-driven approach enables you to accurately predict, plan, and prevent construction waste. Make managing waste on your construction projects a smart and efficient process.


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2. Sustainable construction in a circular economy

We're committed to creating a construction industry that does good for the environment, promotes a circular economy and is truly sustainable.

By utilising our platform, you not only optimise your operations but also play a part in preserving our planet. Sustainability is not just a trendy term for us; it is the foundation of our entire approach.


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3. Simplify waste & resource management 

Uncover ideal waste management solutions to meet your needs effortlessly through our innovative marketplace.

Discover the perfect options for your projects without the hassle of endless internet searches or overwhelming choices. The marketplace offers star-rated, waste and resource management choices right to your fingertips.

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4. Embrace transparency

Transparency matters.

Our platform allows waste management businesses to proudly display their industry standards. Gain a clear understanding of what you're getting from a resource management company, and have peace of mind, knowing that your projects are entrusted to capable hands.

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5. Fostering collaboration

We're bridging the gap between the construction and waste management industries.

Our mission is to revolutionise both fields by promoting a culture of collaboration, efficiency, and sustainability. We bring together the shared ambitions of the construction and resource management sectors, enabling accurate waste forecasting, an intelligent marketplace, and commercial insights. Together, we are constructing a circular economy, and promoting sustainable growth.

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6. Efficient, effective solutions

Making costing, forecasting, planning and preventing waste simple for you.

We provide efficient tools to anticipate waste, minimise its production, seamlessly integrate waste management into your project plans, and help your business save money in the process. We're making the complicated task of accurately predicting waste on your construction projects, easy.

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7. Save money, save the planet

A cost management tool for construction companies, with sustainable outcomes - what's not to love?

By aligning your projects with data-driven predictions, the Construction Waste Portal not only helps save the planet but also makes your operations more socially responsible and cost-effective. Our platform enables you to optimise resources and reduce expenses associated with waste management.

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8. Built by the industry, for the industry

Crafted by industry professionals, exclusively for the industry: we have  designed the Construction Waste Portal with your specific needs in mind.

This data-driven platform boasts a user-friendly interface, intuitive features, and a commitment to constantly improve to help you revolutionise your industry, and save money in the process.

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9. Be part of the change

By choosing Construction Waste Portal, you're embracing a movement towards a circular, regenerative economy.

We are not just a platform; we are a driving force for transformation. The Construction Waste Portal goes beyond being a software platform; it represents a dedication to a brighter future for construction and waste management. Embark on this journey with us towards a greener, highly efficient, and interconnected construction industry.

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Promote sustainable construction. Discover efficient resource management. Uncover better cost management on your construction projects.

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