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Part of the SCAPE Group

We’re a part of the SCAPE Group of companies.

We share the mission to create a world that everyone deserves by empowering the public sector to collaborate with the private sector, all while creating lasting legacies for local communities. 

Building Sustainable Communities.

Our mission extends to creating spaces, places, and experiences that leave a sustainable legacy for your community. The Construction Waste Portal perfectly complements our commitment to sustainability by enabling efficient and eco-friendly construction practices. 

Empowering Collaborations.

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration between the public and private sectors. The Construction Waste Portal is a testament to this belief. It brings together construction professionals and the waste management industry in a way that not only benefits businesses but also contributes to a cleaner, greener future for communities. 

Marketing leading frameworks

We're wholly owned by six local authority shareholders, and our commitment to returning surplus income to the public sector remains strong. By introducing the Construction Waste Portal, we're taking another step in enhancing the value we deliver to our public sector partners and the communities they serve. 

Socioeconomic Impact.

SCAPE Group is driven by the desire to improve socioeconomic outcomes for local communities. The Construction Waste Portal, with its focus on reducing waste and cutting costs for businesses, directly contributes to this goal by creating more sustainable and cost-effective construction practices. 


Join us in building better


When you work with the SCAPE Group, you're engaging with a public sector organisation dedicated to community improvement. As  a powerful tool that streamlines waste management, drives sustainability, and saves businesses money - the Construction Waste Portal team are proud to be a part of SCAPE.

Let's collaborate to create a world that everyone deserves, where innovation and environmental responsibility meet to build a brighter future for all.