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Revolutionising waste management in sustainable construction

Predict, plan and prevent construction waste

Discover the comprehensive features available on the Construction Waste Portal.

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Accurate Prediction, Prevention, and Planning


Say goodbye to cost and waste uncertainties and hello to sustainable practices in construction, with accurate, data-driven waste predictions. 

Access Resource Cost Estimates 


Access resource cost estimates based on  commercial rates from resource management companies.

Transparent Forecasting


Transparent forecasting, that saves you time and money. Get a clear overview of your project's environmental impact and financial implications, helping you protect your profits as well as the planet. 

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Best-in-Class Waste Management Companies 


Connect directly with top-tier waste resource management companies. Benefit from industry leaders' expertise, and access high quality waste management. 

Industry-Wide Crowd-Sourced Data 


Access forecasts based on industry-wide crowd-sourced data, giving you access to reliable data sources.  

Streamlined Supply Chain Engagement 


Breakdown waste streams and engage early with your supply chain, fostering collaboration to minimise waste and promote responsible practices in your construction projects. 

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Benchmarking Against Industry Standards 


Benchmark your waste management performance against industry standards, identifying areas for improvement and implementing sustainable construction practices. 

Meaningful Waste Reduction Targets 


Set meaningful waste reduction targets with our platform, contributing to the broader goal of sustainable construction. Track your progress and drive positive environmental change. 

Data driven insights


Enhance future forecasting accuracy through detailed project data, learning from past projects to continually refine your waste management strategies in sustainable construction. 


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"Construction Waste Portal is the perfect solution to finding the best local waste management providers, especially in geographical areas where we haven’t worked previously. It’s first class."
McLaughlin & Harvey
Joe Watson
Group Head of Purchasing

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