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8-9 May 2024 

Join us at Footprint+

FOOTPRINT+ is the world's most advanced international conference for the decarbonisation of the built environment. 

Meet us on stand B8.

Meet us at stand B8 in...










What to expect


FOOTPRINT+ stands as a cornerstone for our industry, serving as a pivotal platform where industry leaders converge to spearhead innovative solutions toward a sustainable and environmentally conscious future for the country's property sector.

Stakeholders and experts will meet face-to-face, learn from each other at the CPD-certified conference and form the relationships required for putting sustainable solutions into practice.

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Who you'll meet

John Logan headshot

John Logan

Operations Director, Construction Waste Portal

Chris Clarke

Performance & Improvement Director, SCAPE
Taryn Clements  Managing Director, Harmony Environmental Limited

Taryn Clements

Managing Director, Harmony Environmental Limited
Christian White Senior Pre Construction Manager, Stepnell

Christian White

Senior Pre Construction Manager, Stepnell

We're on the Material Futures stage on 8 May

8 May

Whole system change: ​A collaborative approach to reducing waste in construction
Material Futures - 45min

Every single day, the UK Construction industry produces enough waste to fill Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

Moving towards a circular economy in construction requires whole system change, involving clients, designers, contractors and resource management companies. 

Grounded in the hard reality of commercial delivery of construction, digital solutions and new standards will need to be adopted.  

Using the Construction Waste Portal for performance and resource management in construction projects, SCAPE has set out an ambition to reduce construction waste intensity through its Regional Construction Framework by 50% by 2026. Join our panellists to find out:

Why cutting waste is the no regret carbon reduction action that every project should take

How the Construction Waste Portal enables big data obtained from 1000s of completed projects, to transform perspectives and priorities around waste in construction

How new performance metrics in projects are changing the game

How the collaborative PAS 402 standard is at the heart of this change

Why resource management organisations should be included when we talk about early supplier

The Location

Old Billingsgate



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